Store renewable energy as liquid air

February 28th, 2012 by Highview Power Storage

Highview Power Storage, an award-winning UK energy storage technology development company, has found an answer to large-scale storage of wrong time renewable energy with a novel Liquid Air Energy Storage system.

Tackling the problem of intermittent renewable energy remains the big challenge to the low carbon economy: scaling battery systems to grid level remains a challenge, while pumped hydro storage needs mountains nearby and billions of litres of water.

Liquid Air Energy System, currently being demonstrated in the UK, can store a similar amount as a medium sized pumped hydro plant and has no geographical constraints.

Gareth Brett, Highview’s CEO, has been invited to present the company’s novel Liquid Air Energy Storage system at three energy storage conferences in March 2012.

The first in Luxembourg, followed by the prestigious Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London, and a conference at the end of March in Dubai.

Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy at UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said “Liquid Air Energy Storage is a very promising technology, using our most abundant resource to solve one of the renewable energy industry’s most pressing challenges.”

“This is also a great example of 21st Century British engineering. The energy storage market could be worth over $100 billion over the next decade and create over 100,000 jobs worldwide. These are jobs which the UK sorely needs, and showcasing this British technology overseas is an important step towards securing a share of these jobs for the future.”

Highview has a fully operational pilot plant (350kW/2.5MWh) connected to the UK’s National Grid. The plant, the first of its kind in the world, is hosted by SSE (Scottish & Southern Energy) at their Slough Heat & Power 80MW biomass plant. The plant has successfully undergone a full testing regime, including automated performance testing for the US PJM electricity market. It is currently being operated for seasonal peak demand management.

Critically the components and sub-systems of Highview’s process use mature technology that can be readily sourced through supply contracts with large OEMs. The technology draws heavily on established processes from the turbo-machinery, power generation and industrial gas sectors.

“Our pilot plant is fully operational on the UK grid and being tested for real-time peak shaving. It is delivering very high levels of performance reliability. The system is simple and uses mature components so is ready to be deployed at commercial scale,” Gareth Brett said.

Highview Power Storage were Rushlight Awards winner 2011 (Please click on the logo to go to the Rushlight Awards website)

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