Robert Llewellyn speaks about the future of energy and mobility

February 23rd, 2012 by Richard Lord

Robert LLewellyn launches an upgraded Fully Charged series in which he discusses the future of energy and mobility. ”

In an Oxford Union debate “everyone said the oil is going to run out, and it was going to run out soon, and it’s going to get prohibitively expensive long before that,” Robert Llewellyn says.

“Completely aside from the transportation issue, it’s a huge problem because we use fossil fuels, the oil we get out of the ground, for hundreds of things as well as for petrol and diesel – pharmaceuticals, agricultural fertiliser, plastics.”

“It is a vitally important substance that we rely on enormously. None of us would have Smartphones or laptops if we didn’t have oil,” he says.

“We’re facing an enormous challenge but it is also very exciting. Engineers get excited by challenges. They don’t get depressed.”

“At anyone time on Earth 90% of the billions of cars aren’t doing anything. They are not being used. It’s a huge unused resource – the notion of private ownership of vehicles is really incredibly inefficient,” he says.

In the following Fully Charged programme he drives and discusses the Renault Fluence ZE (all electric car) with Andy Heiron, Renault UK Brand Manager Electric Vehicles. The car will be available in the UK in mid-2012.

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