Nissan LEAF electric cars available from Europcar in London and Paris

February 14th, 2012 by Nissan Motor Company

Nissan Leaf electric car outside Europcar rental office (click image to expand - image courtesy of Nissan)

Nissan and Europcar have announced that from February 2012 the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, the 2011 World and European Car of The Year, will be available to hire on short term rental in Paris and London. Initially this pilot scheme will run for three months.

“There are two distinct reasons for joining forces with Europcar to introduce Nissan LEAF to the short term rental market in these two busy cities,” said Guillaume Cartier, Vice President for Sales Operations at Nissan International SA.

“The first is that with its absence of tailpipe emissions and an outstanding driving experience, the Nissan LEAF is the perfect car for the inner city.”

“The second is for drivers currently unsure whether an electric vehicle is suitable for their needs. By renting a Nissan LEAF and driving it in real world conditions they can evaluate the car in their own time,” he said.

The Nissan LEAF has a certified range of 175km which is a greater distance than 90% of Europeans drive in a day.

“Europcar has long believed in electric vehicles as a sustainable means of mobility and is committed to enabling early adoption of these type of vehicles,” said Rafael Girona, Chief Operating Officer of Europcar.

“We are proud to partner with Nissan to facilitate expansion of electric vehicles and provide our customers with the greenest possible mobility solutions,” he said.

While Nissan LEAF is as easy to drive as a conventional car, every customer renting a LEAF will be introduced to the car by a Nissan-trained Europcar representative fully conversant with the car and its workings.

Europcar will recharge the cars and will not invoice for the electricity or for the service fee to recharge the cars after the rental.

In addition, a Nissan Hotline exists for customers to call with any query.

Feedback from Europcar Nissan LEAF rental customers will help shape future generations of Nissan EVs.

The pilot scheme takes the form of a Definitive Agreement between the two companies, and follows a Memorandum of Understanding in which both companies undertake to investigate ways of jointly promoting the concept of emission-free motoring.

If the pilot scheme proves successful, the rental scheme could be widened to other cities in France and England and to other countries in Europe.


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