A little solar power helps Nissan Leaf electric cars to market

February 1st, 2012 by Richard Lord

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) Nichioh Maru coastal car carrier began its maiden voyage on 27 January 2012.

Four years in construction, this vessel of almost 170 metres length and 11,400 tons, boasts 281 solar panels on its top deck, which helps power energy efficient LED lights in the ship’s hold and crew quarters.

The diesel engine is electronically controlled for maximum efficiency, and the hull has a special low-friction coating for improved sea mileage.

This vessel, which can carry 1380 Nissan Leafs, has 18% lower C02 emissions compared to a standard vessel of the same size.

The Nichioh Maru will ply the coastal waters of Japan.

In 2010 Nissan launched the ‘City of St Petersburg’ which is used to bring Nissan Leafs to Europe.

This vessel has an aerodynamic superstructure to lower air resistance and increase fuel efficiency.

With the European Union looking to curtail shipping emissions, Nissan is showing a way to lower emission, more energy-efficient transportation.


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