Insurance Corporation launches Guernsey Conservation Awards 2012

December 15th, 2011 by Insurance Corporation

(click on image to download Guernsey entry form to your computer)

There is to be a different emphasis to the 2012 Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards which launched on 12 December 2011.

Environmentalists and eco-friendly gardeners will again have the chance to win £2,000 and schools could earn £1000 in funding if their entries are successful in the competition which has been running in the Channel Islands for 22 years.

‘In the past we have always rewarded successful conservation projects but this year we decided to change the emphasis and help fund ideas and potential initiatives’, said competition founder and chairman of Insurance Corporation, Peter Walpole.

‘Our objective has always been to help protect the precious green spaces we have in the island and we recognised that a project has a greater chance of reaching fruition if it is given the funding to get going, hence the change in our policy.’

‘Another change to our format this year is that we have opened the competition much earlier than in previous years’ Mr Walpole said.

‘This is to give people more time to research and cost their projects as they will have until Friday 25 May 2012 to get their entries in with our judging day being on Friday 1 June 2012.

The winners will be announced at a presentation on Monday 11 June 2012.

There are two sections to the awards.

The Best Conservation Project has a prize of £2000. This encourages entries from individuals, families, conservation and environmental groups or organisations, companies, landscaping firms, State Departments and Parishes.

The Best School Project has a prize of £1000 spread over three years. This gives schools the opportunity to increase public awareness of their conservation projects created by the pupils as part of their school curriculum.

‘With their entry forms we would like to see a plan of the proposed project, photographs of the land as it is currently and any information that would help us understand the scope and potential of the proposal.’

For more information on how to enter the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards please call Jim Delbridge or Mel Rees at LR&D on 246668.

Entry forms for the Guernsey and the Jersey Conservation Awards can be downloaded from the Insurance Corporation website.

The Conservation Awards 2012 entry deadline in Jersey is on Friday 15 June 2012 with judging day on Tuesday 26 June 2012.  The presentation of the Jersey Awards will be on 5 July.

Entry forms are also available from Insurance Corporation, P.O. Box 742, 26/30 Queen St, St Helier, JE4 8ZN and from local garden centres.


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