Four Guernsey primary schools compete in the Big Soup Kitchen Challenge to support two charities

December 8th, 2011 by Richard Lord

Four primary schools took part in the Big Soup Kitchen challenge in aid of Bridge2SriLanka and the GSPCA.

The event was held in the Town Church in St Peter Port, Guernsey on 6 December 2011.

Vauvert Primary school, Melrose Junior School, Notre Dame du Rosaire Primary School, and Amherst Primary school prepared four delicious soups.

Primary school soup creators from Vauvert, Melrose and Notre Dame du Rosaire with Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey Air Marshal Peter Walker and his wife Lynda and Sarah Griffith of Bridge2SriLanka between them in a hat, with school teachers Ms Whitehead (left) and Ms. Lampert (right) (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Vauvert Primary school children assisted by Year 3 teacher Ms. Jerry Whitehead created a beautiful velvety vegetable soup.

Ms Whitehead ran a competition in Key Stage 2 to create a special soup for Vauvert School to sell at ‘The Big Soup Kitchen’.

“Willow in year 6 and Leah and Maisie from Year 5 were the ‘design a recipe’ winners. They worked together to produce Vauvert’s Velvety Vegetable Soup. Willow came up with the idea but it actually had elements of Maisie’s butternut squash recipe, and Leah’s recipe too. Leah’s gran helped us as well,” Ms. Whitehead said.

“Food technology is a part of what we do and is covered through most year groups but particularly further up the school,” Ms Whitehead said. “The design of the recipe, the preparation, and the cooking is part of the curriculum.”

Commenting on their soup, Lieutenant Governor Air Marshal Peter Walker said “first of all can I congratulate Vauvert’s velvety soup with their lovely reindeer antlers. They dreamed up the recipe themselves, they produced it themselves, and they dressed up for the part.  Highly commended.  Well done indeed.”

Vauvert primary school pupils with Ms. Whitehead served their delicious soup (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Melrose Junior School children prepared a Chili Winter Warmer soup and provided the recipe on laminated paper.

Melrose Junior School Big Soup Kitchen Challenge recipe (click recipe to expand)

Lieutenant Governor Peter Walker said “if you look at Melrose, their chilly winter warmer, it was truly something that warmed us. You too dressed for the part. I loved your aprons. I loved your hats.”

Melrose teacher Ms. Lampert explained why the Melrose students chose the Chili Winter Warmer.

“We used Guernsey produce. We chose the Guernsey parsnips, Guernsey butter, and Guernsey butter on top and then linked it with Sri Lanka flavours we had learned about – coriander, garam masala, coconut milk, ginger and chili so we could link it in with our Geography lessons. We learned about the food that is grown there and the food that they eat there, and how their communities are different to ours over here,” she said.

“It has been a great cross curricula activity to do.  We were bridging Guernsey with Sri Lanka in the food we were cooking.”

Three members of the Melrose Junior School team made and served with Ms. Lampert their Chili Winter Warmers soup at the Big Soup Kitchen Challenge (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Notre Dame du Rosaire produced a beautifully tasty nettle soup with the help of Callum Le Noury.

Callum Le Noury of Les Rocquettes Hotel, who is the father of Charlotte from Notre Dame du Rosaire Primary School, came up with the idea of the soup kitchen through Sarah Griffith.

“I decided to ask the Notre Dame du Rosaire Primary school if they wanted to be involved. I got the children together and asked them what soups they fancied making for the soup kitchen,” Mr. Le Noury said.

“The children recommended traditional soups like tomato and leek and potato. I asked them if they could come up with something a little different.”

“A couple of them remembered that they had learned about bushcraft at the Tree and Woodcraft Fair at Fairfield, Castel on 1 October 2011. They remembered David Hunt making nettle soup so the children decided to make nettle soup,” he said.

“We looked into making it and found out it is very similar to spinach. We used just the nettle heads – just the top of the nettles – and collected two black bags full. If you can imagine spinach, nettles are very similar. By the time you start cooking it down, it sweats down to nothing. We added potato, onion, vegetable stock, salt, pepper and a hint of nutmeg. We used it like spinach. Spinach and nutmeg are two flavours that go together well so we added nutmeg to the nettle soup,” Mr. Le Noury said.

Four Notre Dame du Rosaire Primary school children came up to Les Rocquettes Hotel and the chef showed them all the ingredients, and showed them how to put it all together.”

“Ninety-five percent of the feedback we have had today has been fantastic. Unless you’re into foraging its a lot of effort but it is free food,” said Mr. Le Noury.

In describing the nettle soup, Lieutenant Governor Peter Walker said “and then we come to the most interesting part of this afternoon – the nettle soup – I have never tried nettle soup before but it was very well done and the children managed to produce it without anyone getting stung and no tears so congratulations to them.”

From left to right - one member of the Vauvert Primary School team, Melrose Junior School team with their Chili Winter Warmer, Notre Dame du Rosaire with their nettle soup, and Amherst Primary School team, with Sarah Griffith, Lieutenant Governor Air Marshal Peter Walker and Ms Lampert of Melrose Junior School (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Amherst Primary School produced a vegetable winter warmer soup.

It was a chicken soup with lots of vegetables. The soup contained chicken, carrots, onion, celery, leek and vegetable stock.

In commenting on the soup, the Lieutenant Governor said “Amherst, absolutely fantastic vegetable soup. Apparently the teacher said when she came in this morning the children were all crying from cutting up the onions but you have all done spectacularly well.”

His excellency Lieutenant Governor Air Marshal Peter Walker and his wife Lynda judged the soups and announced the winner.

“The unfortunate thing is there has to be a winner and I have had a good chat with Lynda my wife and we’ve both agreed that the tastiest soup of four very, very fine soups that would grace any dinner table, anywhere in Guernsey, this year is going to be Melrose Junior School’s Chili Winter Warmers soup. Well done.”

The Lieutenant Governor explained to Jenny Kendall-Tobias of BBC Guernsey the reason he picked Melrose’s soup as the winner.

“In picking the winner, the challenge is to pick out a soup that is very good from three other soups that are also of a very high standard, and we just felt that Melrose’s Chili Winter Warmer had a little bit of a different kick, which has got that adult flavour, which is a very clever thing for children to produce. That extra bit of spice did it for me.”

Lynda Marshal enjoyed chatting to the cooks. She said “all the children were very enthusiastic. One young lady ran through the whole recipe with me, which was very interesting. The young cooks knew what they were talking about so I commend you all. Well done to you and the teachers and the helpers.  Well done everybody.”


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