Drive smarter with the greenMeter app for your iphone or ipod touch

December 14th, 2011 by Richard Lord

You can control the fossil fuel consumption of your vehicle by driving more smoothly by avoiding hard braking and hard accelerating. Various tools have been devised to try and help you do this.

One tool is the app called greenMeter which has been available for an iPhone or an iPod touch for a couple of years.  It can be downloaded for $5.99 from the iTunes store.

This is one of three greenMeter eco-driving efficiency displays. These gauges also track the minimum and average efficiency during the road journey (image courtesy of Craig Hunter, Hunter Research and Technology LLC)

Hunter Research and Technology has developed greenMeter 2.0, which provides a real-time readout of the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle.

All iPhones and iPod touchs have a built in accelerometer, which the app uses to calculate horsepower, miles per gallon or kilometres per litre.

GreenMeter 2.0 has three eco-driving efficiency displays: glowing leaves that change color from green to red, an analog gauge similar to real vehicle instruments, and an LED-style bar graph like the type used in many hybrid vehicles.

GreenMeter uses an algorithm that integrates and visualizes data over the entire speed range.  The app does not require GPS so it works on all generations of iPhones and iPod Touches.

(image courtesy of Craig Hunter, Hunter Research and Technology LLC)

Once the app has been downloaded and installed follow the directions in the user manual to enter required data on the vehicle you are driving. This will probably require information from the vehicle manual.

One of the set-up menus (click image to expand - image courtesy of Craig Hunter, Hunter Research and Technology LLC)

The user manual also provides instructions on the correct positioning of the iphone or ipod touch in the vehicle so that the readings are accurate.

The app has received a range of reviews.


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