5 Gyres shows the plastic pollution film ‘bag it’ on 18 December 2011

December 15th, 2011 by Events

(click image to expand - flyer courtesy of 5 Gyres)

5 Gyres brings to our attention the pervasiveness of plastic in our environment with their screening of the award winning film ‘bag it‘ through the online Constellation service.

The film is being shown at 2030 EST (US eastern seaboard time zone) on 18 December 2011.

For anyone living on GMT (Guernsey, United Kingdom) the film will begin at 1.30 am on 19 December.

Visit the Constellation website to sign-up. There is a small charge but this can be reduced by sharing the link with Facebook friends. Following the screening, there will be an online discussion about the issues raised in the film.

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in our oceans. It is ubiquitous and has been found as microscopic particles in every litre of seawater examined.

Because plastic is hydrophobic it accumulates very low levels of toxins such as PCBs found in the ocean.

Plastic rubbish on the shore of one of the islands of the Azores. Even this remote location is not immune to plastic litter and pollution (click image to expand - image courtesy of 5Gyres)

Plastic and its associated toxins are finding their way into the food chain.

A small jack (family carangidae) with small pieces of plastic removed from its stomach (click image to expand - image courtesy of 5Gyres)


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