OSA Recruitment wins Guernsey Community Foundation’s Corporate Social Responsibility award for 2011

November 13th, 2011 by Events

The Guernsey Community Foundation shortlisted BWCI, Insurance Corporation, and OSA Recruitment for their Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2011.

The award was given in association with the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce.

Louise Hall, Vice President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, presented the award to OSA Recruitment.

Louise Hall, VP of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, presenter of the Guernsey Community Foundation 2011 Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, stands with James Partridge, a Guernsey Community Foundation Director (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

James Partridge, a Guernsey Community Foundation Director, said “OSA Recruitment helps charities not only by way of donation but specifically by providing professional expertise on often very challenging issues of recruitment and managing people.”

“OSA Recruitment has helped charities find staff, paid and voluntary, using their extensive network of contacts and it has also undertaken all sorts of capacity building activities at no charge to the charities concerned including Headway, Communicate, Mines Awareness Trust, St. James and Les Bourgs Hospice.”

From left to Right, Charlotte Critchlow, Director; Belinda Windsor, Recruitment Manager; and Nick Graham, Managing Director, of OSA Recruitment. The company won the Guernsey Community Foundation's 2011 Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“OSA Recruitment is also committed to helping young people with social and language disorders to find worthwhile employment in partnership with the charity Communicate,” Mr. Partridge said.

Belinda Windsor, Recruitment Manager at OSA Recruitment said “to receive this award is a great honour and a wonderful testimony to the hard work of our team. We were so pleased to have been shortlisted, but to win is simply wonderful.”

“We would encourage as many organisations as possible to offer their skills to help local community charities. The difference that this makes is significant. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and no matter how small the offering there is great benefit to not only the community but their own staff and organisation too. All of us, individuals and corporations, can easily make a contribution in our own way.”


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