Barclays Wealth distributes £30,000 to twelve Guernsey charities

November 19th, 2011 by Barclays Wealth

Twelve charities have secured a share of £30,000 at the inaugural Barclays Wealth Champion Charities 2011.

The winners were announced at a special presentation evening at The Venue, St Peter Port on Thursday 17 November.

Of the 29 applications made to the inaugural Barclays Wealth Champion Charities 2011, which is open to registered charities in Guernsey that are looking for a grant to fund a local project or initiative that will make a real difference to people in a variety of ways, 12 charities secured a share of the increased prize pot from £25,000 to £30,000.

Paul Woodland, Head of Local Markets, Barclays Wealth in Guernsey said: ‘The standard of the entries was incredibly high for the inaugural Champion Charities. The range of charitable activities, the time committed by volunteers and generosity of many people in our island made the decision very difficult for the judging panel. We would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the community to the people who support charities with their skills, time and donations as it is these sacrifices that make this island such a great place to live.

Representatives of the 12 Guernsey charities that received a share of the Barclays Wealth Champion Charities 2011 £30,000 prize fund (click image to expand - ©Chris George)

The Guernsey Branch of the MS Society was awarded £10,650 to purchase vital, specialised equipment for suffers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With the money the local branch will be able to buy a passive motion bike, which is a versatile machine for both upper and lower body exercise that can be easily moved from one domestic home to another. The funding will also help the society to purchase desperately needed disability beds and air mattresses. The current stock is being used by sufferers and the need for these beds is ongoing. The beds and specially designed mattresses help MS suffers’ circulation and provide relief from bedsores. There are approximately 125 people in the Bailiwick who suffer from MS, which is a chronic, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Most people are diagnosed with MS between the ages of 20 and 40 and the condition affects more women than men, although it is not known why.

Having received £3,500, Guernsey Women’s Refuge will now be able to refurbish its lounge used by women who are victims of domestic abuse seeking safe and secure emergency and temporary accommodation. The project to refurbish the lounge at the refuge will include the replacement of settees and arm chairs, lamps and light fittings, a unit and coffee tables with magazine racks and a small set of tables. The refurbishment will help those women, some accompanied by their children, to feel safe and receive advice and support in a safe, friendly and well-maintained environment.

Two projects overseen by the Guernsey Arts Commission have received combined funding of £1,700. Phoenix Programme (Le Planton Elderly Care) is a project aimed to help 12 to 15 residents to maintain or even regain flexibility and range of movement through the use of percussion instruments.

Vibrancy Programme (Brock Road Rascals), the second project, will use artistic activities and photography to help increase the confidence, social skills and self-esteem of children with learning and physical disabilities. The Guernsey Arts Commission can now purchase four to five cameras and accessories to be used by 30 to 40 children during the group sessions.

The Guernsey Cheshire Home Foundation can now establish a new facility for residents as part of its renovation programme after receiving £1,240. The creation of a café type area for the residents in the activity room will provide improved amenities for approximately 30 day care and respite visitors. The purchase and instillation of a hot water geyser, fridge and shelving will mean that users of the home will have independent access to refreshments. Guernsey Cheshire Home provides care and opportunities for people with serious physical disabilities in as close to a family atmosphere as possible, while at the same time preserving the dignity and independence of residents.

The 10th Guernsey Scout Group has been awarded £2,250 for the refurbishment of its facilities at L’Islet. The work to the hall, formally L’Islet Methodist Church, will include painting, repairing windows, toilets and storage areas. Between 60 and 100 youngsters aged between six and 14 years will benefit from the clear up and will provide those using the space with a safer, wind and watertight environment.

Home-Start Guernsey will receive £799 to cover the cost of 14 storysacks for use with home-visited families. Home-Start is a voluntary organisation in which volunteers, who are parents themselves, offer support, friendship and practical help to young families under stress in their own homes. The charity aims to help prevent crisis and family breakdown and to emphasise the pleasures of family life. The storysacks will be used by volunteers, who visit weekly, for between two and three hours families with at least one child below five years old, and will contain a children’s fiction book, soft toys and / or puppets representing characters in the book and a children’s non-fiction book and game relating to a theme in the book. The aim of the storysacks is to encourage children to participate, by acting out and retelling the story with the puppets. A guide for parents will provide ideas on how to explore themes in the books. In 2010 the charity worked with 34 families.

Judo Association of Guernsey has been awarded £860 to help with its project, Guernsey Special Needs Judo. The money will cover the cost of new judo suits and mats, which the association will use during its training sessions with children at Le Rondin School and Centre and Le Murier each week. In total the funds will cover the cost of 24 judo suits and 10 judo mats. The association aims to promote the sport in the island and to provide opportunities for all ages to participate in a healthy recreation.

Children at Little Stars Nursery at Amherst Primary School will benefit from a new climbing frame and four multi-directional push bikes after receiving £655. The nursery is staffed by the Education Department but there is no additional funding for resources. The nursery supports 10 children who attend each afternoon for the year prior to starting school. The aim of the nursery is to help develop their language, speech and social skills. The climbing frame will help to enable the children to also develop their motor skills and the multi-directional push bikes will assist with muscle development while providing fun, outdoor experiences.

Guernsey Mind will be able to purchase a new printer for its Guernsey Mind Employment Campaign after receiving £1,200. The campaign is designed to identify and promote best practice to support both employers and employees locally. It is a two year project during which employers, employees and potential employees will be able to access support, information and training relating to mental health issues to promote positive mental health within the local workforce. In order to promote the project Guernsey Mind requires high quality printed information to distribute to employers and employees. The present printer is on its last legs and is struggling to produce the quantity and quality of information required for the campaign.

Guernsey Neuro Concern Society will benefit from new equipment after receiving £3,400. The aim of the charity is to provide support, care and equipment to islanders suffering from neurological problems or symptoms. The equipment has been specifically requested by patients. The CoughAssist Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator is a noninvasive therapy that safely and consistently removes secretions in patients with an ineffective ability to cough. Patients using the machine may suffer from conditions such as spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injuries, for example.

A disabled toilet can now be included in the redevelopment of St Stephen’s Community Centre after it was awarded £1,265.42. The inclusion of disabled toilet facilities are part of the centre’s redevelopment mean that even more members of the community, young and old, will have access to the facility.

Guernsey Youth has secured £2,500 for the purchase of three TV screens, a Sky dish, one-year subscription and a laptop for its Youth Café. The facility will be located at The Caves in Upper Mansell Street, St Peter Port and the aim is to provide a young people’s alcohol-free café and welcoming place where they can meet and socialise. The café will also create a sympathetic workplace where school leavers or long term unemployed can gain experience of working or helping to run a business. The café will be run as a semi-commercial venture. The Youth Café will also provide a convenient venue during the day for single parents, and theme nights for young people to attend in a safe and controlled location. It will also provide an ideal venue for young bands wishing to entertain their peers in an alcohol-free environment.

In addition to the £30,000 given away by Barclays Wealth in Guernsey, Barclays Wealth Jersey also gave away £33,600 at an awards ceremony last night, a total of £63,600 across the Channel Islands.

In Guernsey, Barclays Wealth has previously provided funding to charities on an ad-hoc basis. The Barclays Wealth Champion Charities initiative has been launched to raise awareness of available funding and aims to reach as many charities as possible.

Following the success of the Barclays Wealth Champion Charities 2011 the awards will take place again next year. In the meantime charities requiring urgent financial support can continue to apply for funding in 2012.


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