The plight of the bumblebee

September 15th, 2011 by Jamie-Lee Loughlin

This short film is about the plight of the humble bumblebee which has declined dramatically in numbers and range during the 20th Century, to the extent that half of the 25 British species are now rare and 2 are extinct.

Bumblebees are a significant pollinator of wild and agricultural flowering plants. Their continued decline has far reaching consequences on the wider ecology as the reproduction of many plants depends on insect pollination and, in turn, many animals, including humans, depend on the fruit and seeds provided by these plants.

The conservation of bumblebees and other insect pollinators needs to be a key priority in order to secure future food production for human societies and, of course, to ensure the survival of the many other species that rely on insect pollinated plants.

The good news is that some excellent work is already being done by The Bumblebee Conservation Trust: firstly, in raising awareness and; secondly, in funding and driving conservation projects in the field. Check out their website (, where you can find out about their work along with more information about bumblebees and what you can do at home to help with their conservation.

I produced this film as part of the assessment for my Masters degree in Biological Photography & Imaging.  Thanks again to everyone that helped and contributed with this film.


Jamie-Lee Loughlin lives in Guernsey.  He very kindly allowed his film to be posted on Sustainable Guernsey.



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