Belle Greve Bay area residents invited to learn about wastewater treatment plant project

September 27th, 2011 by Guernsey Water

Residents of the Belle Greve area are being invited to a drop-in session to learn the latest developments in the planned wastewater installation at the site.

The session will take place on 12 October 2011 and will run from 5 to  7 pm. Nearby residents and other interested members of the public are invited to the existing Belle Greve wastewater plant where the project team and preferred contractors will give updates of progress being made in the development of the new inlet works.

The new works will comprise storm-water storage tanks to cope with peak flows, together with a treatment plant that will remove grit and other non-biodegradable material. Modern industry standard mechanical screens will remove from the flow any material which will not pass through the 6 millimetre diameter screen (the size of a small fingernail).

Minister of the Public Services Department Deputy Bernard Flouquet said: “The current plant is beyond its normal working life and in urgent need of replacement, so this project is an absolute necessity. However, we appreciate that a project of this scope may cause some disruption to nearby residents and businesses, so the aim of this second drop-in session is to discuss progress and any issues of concern that people might have.”

Subject to States’ approval on the choice of contractor for the project, work is due to begin on site from January 2012, and will run until May 2013.


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