WRAP’s Recycle Week is from 20 to 26 June 2011

June 6th, 2011 by Events

Recycle Week is an annual event to highlight the many ways we can increase our community’s recycling rate.

The States of Guernsey Public Services Department continues to increase the number of items that can be recycled so that our community can breach the 50 percent recycling target set for household waste by the States of Deliberation.

(click on the recycling sign to go to the Public Services Department webpage to download information about recycling in Guernsey)

Plastic Recycling

Plastic containers embossed or printed with a number, either 1, 2, 5, or 6, inside a recycling triangle symbol, can be recycled at the Guernsey bring banks that accept plastic.

White Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) that is used to package white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines or computer systems can be recycled currently at Chouet and Longue Hougue bring banks only.

Some Expanded PolyStyrene food trays carry the no. 6 on them.  Regrettably these no 6 food trays cannot be recycled currently.

All plastic bottles should have their lids removed before placing them in the bring banks so that the recycling centre can compress the plastic into a tight bale.  The lids can be recycled separately.

Besides plastic food packaging, plastic toiletry containers, and plastic household cleaner containers, flower pots and many other household plastic items that are marked with the appropriate number can be delivered to the bring banks for recycling.

Juice Cartons

Juice cartons can be recycled at bring banks that accept Tetra and Elo-paks used for Guernsey milk.  Juice cartons often have a plastic screw top.  These can be recycled with the cartons.

Jar lids

Metal lids of jam jars, mayonnaise jars, and jars of other condiments can be recycled in the bring bank that accept tins.  Place the metal lids in a tin can and crimp the opening of the tin can so that the lids cannot fall out.

Aerosol cans, biscuit tins and aluminium foil

Aerosol cans, biscuit tins and aluminium foil be be recycled in the bring bank that accepts tins.


Window envelopes can be recycled without removing the windows in the bring bank for paper. White and coloured paper can be recycled in the bring banks that accept paper.  However it is better if brown paper envelopes and brown paper wrapping is recycled in the bring bank for cardboard.

Televisions, pots and pans, and CDs and DVDs

A long list of items can be taken to the Longue Hougue recycling facility for recycling.

To see a comprehensive list of the items that can be recycled in Guernsey click on the flyer below.

(click on text to download leaflet on recycling and waste disposal routes for Guernsey households)


1 Response to “WRAP’s Recycle Week is from 20 to 26 June 2011”

  1. lorre

    What a wonderful opportunity to experiment with door step collection.
    Lurgi light will Not happen.
    We simply do not want to be poisoned by our burnt rubbish,
    hey, big demand ,on placards CLEAN AIR PLEASE.
    Don’t want my children or grand ones having to mount such a demo.
    For some perverse nonreason the not very civil servants are determined to have a Burner.
    Wedded to the concept of just sending AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE up in smoke.
    Yea they have had their public fabrications but hey
    bottom line= kerb-side collection.
    Yes a decision can be taken but not before we have an island-wide doorstep pick up.
    And a serious reduction in the rubbish we import.

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