Walk to Work Week is 9 to 13 May

May 6th, 2011 by Living Streets Guernsey

Living Streets Guernsey LBG is encouraging workers to make walking part of their daily routine.

National Walk to Work Week from 9 to 13 May is the ideal time for commuters to give walking a go.

Walking is an easy form of exercise that requires no special equipment and can be fitted into your daily routine on your way to and from work and at lunchtime or throughout the day.

Michelle Duquemin walks every work day from her home to St Peter Port. The round trip distance is about six miles. (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Michelle Duquemin walks from home to St. Peter Port every work day.  The round trip journey is about six miles.  She leaves home at about 7.50 am to arrive at work in Town at 8.30 am.  She walks the length of Belle Greve Bay.

When she arrives at Richmond Corner at the junction of Les Grandes Maison Road and Bas Courtils she often spots a car stuck in traffic that she keeps pace with all the way to Town.

Chair of Living Streets Guernsey, Deputy Tom Le Pelley said “since the 9 May is Liberation Day it could be a Free Practice day as a warm up outing to get into the right frame of mind for the week or two to follow.”

There’s been a lot of emphasis on healthy eating and we all know we should have “five-a-day” (fruit and veg), but the “30-a-day” message isn’t getting through.

Health professionals recommend that walking 30 minutes five days a week can transform your health (and save you lots of money on gym memberships). Walking to and from work or school must be the best way of achieving your 30-a-day.

Distances in Guernsey are so small that it must be easy for everyone who is within a mile or so of their school or workplace to walk. A mile is about a 15 to 20 minute walk.

“With the new emphasis in HSSD through the Guernsey health Promotion Unit on prevention rather than cure, initiatives like Walk to Work Week and Walk to School Week give islanders an opportunity to try to change their lifestyles.”

Living Streets Guernsey hopes that companies and schools will encourage participation in these two initiatives.

Benefits of walking

The benefits of walking more are huge and not only for your health, but to give time to plan for the day ahead, or to unwind after it. It can be as simple as stepping outside for a lunchtime walk, or getting off the bus a few stops earlier on your way into the office. That time spent walking, whether on your own or with colleagues, is a chance to take a step back from your inbox, breaking up your day and improving your productivity once you return.

Inactivity not only has a huge impact on the health of individuals, it affects businesses too. Experts suggest that just 90 minutes of exercise a week can cut absenteeism by up to a half. UK research shows that in 2007 the average worker took almost 7 days off work sick, losing 172 million working days and costing the economy a total of 13.2 billion.

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