Living Streets Guernsey states importance of neighbourhood shops that serve as community centres as well as retail outlets

May 18th, 2011 by Living Streets Guernsey

The pedestrian safety group, Living Streets Guernsey, is dismayed to learn that there is a planning application for change of use for the Sandy Hook shopper.

Chair of Living Streets, Tom Le Pelley says “being able to walk to our local shop is something we take for granted. Many of us rely on our neighbourhood shop. Closing shops simply means that we are forced to drive to the nearest outlet.”

Living Streets believes it’s very important that neighbourhood shops and services are kept within walking distance. We need our planners to take this into account when considering “change of use” applications.

“Recently we have lost so many local facilities – the Richmond and Torteval Shopper, the Ville au Roi shopper, the St. Saviour’s Tavern and now the proposal for the Sandy Hook shopper. These places are community centres as well as retail outlets.”

Living Streets urges the Environment Department to consider the needs of local people when making planning decisions. We must stop this trend of closing or removing local facilities.

Living Streets also opposes the idea of losing some of our post boxes. Islanders (and in particular the elderly) rely on being able to walk down the road to post a letter.


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