Guernsey Tree Wardens look after Norway maples at Les Cotils in St Peter Port

May 21st, 2011 by Richard Lord

Guernsey Tree Wardens (left to right) Gill Darling, Rhoderick Matthews, and Julia Meredith accompany Tree Warden co-ordinator Andrew McCutcheon (in green shirt) in watering Norway maples at Les Cotils (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees planted 14 Norway maples as part of the Men of the Trees Urban Tree Scheme at Les Cotils in St Peter Port in 2010.  The Norway maples were chosen for their autumn leaf colour.

The recently planted standards (tree size with a clear stem of 1.8 metres) do not have an adequate root system to prosper during prolonged periods of dry weather, which Guernsey is experiencing this spring.  Watering is necessary for newly planted trees but as their root system develops watering becomes less necessary.

The Guernsey Tree Wardens have been watering these newly planted trees on a regular basis during the period of dry weather.

Andrew McCutcheon, Guernsey Tree Warden Co-ordinator wrote “I determine the need to water by using the “Irrigation Index” on the Guernsey Weather website.

If, seven days after the last watering, the irrigation index shows a deficit (negative figure) which is greater (ie more negative) than around minus 13 mm on the seven day figure then the trees should be watered.

The decision to water will be based on other factors too – such as how recently rain has fallen and whether significant rain is forecast within two to three days of the planned day of watering.”

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Ltd. provided The Guernsey Society for the Men of the Trees with a grant to enable them to plant the Norway maples.

The Guernsey Tree Warden Scheme is supported by the Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands.


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