Floral St Peters group encourage parishioners to compost their organic kitchen and garden waste

May 15th, 2011 by States of Guernsey Public Services Department

PARISHIONERS are being encouraged to minimise green waste and find alternative uses for it by the Floral St Peters group.

Compost bins are a convenient and clean way of disposing of organic kitchen and garden waste that could otherwise end up in landfill.

Tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, small quantities of cardboard and paper, fruit and vegetable peelings and even animal and human hair can be turned into compost to use in gardens.

On Easter Sunday families taking part in a parish nature trail had the chance to see how easy it is to start composting.

The Riley family learning about composting on the Easter nature trail in St Pierre du Bois (click image to expand - ©Marguerite Talmage)

A compost bin was on display at Les Buttes along with a pile of compostable materials and a heap of garden ready compost.

Marguerite Talmage of Floral St Peters was pleased with the number of families that stopped to learn about composting.

“The Easter nature trail is a great family event so it was the perfect opportunity to show people of all ages how easy it is to compost at home. So much household waste can be composted, and the end result is brilliant compost to use on our gardens.” She said.

Public Services recycling officer Tina Norman-Ross said: “I am so pleased that parishes are encouraging their residents to think about the way they dispose of waste. Composting is such an easy way to reduce the amount going to landfill, everyone with a bit of outside space should give it a go.”

There is plenty of information on the internet about how to compost.


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