Amherst and Le Houguette Primary Schools taking part in Walk to School Week from 16 to 20 May 2011

May 16th, 2011 by Living Streets Guernsey

Walk to School Week is from 16 to 20 May 2011.

The national campaign run by Living Streets UK was launched in 1995 with a simple aim – to encourage all parents and children to make walking to school part of their daily routine.

Amherst Primary School and Le Houguette Primary School are taking part.

Tracey Moore, Head Teacher at Amherst Primary School, gave children ‘Walk to School’ invitations to give to their parents.

Invitation Amherst Primary School children gave to their parents to encourage them to take part in Walk to School Week (click image to expand)

The children received a form that they can fill-in to indicate which days of the week they have walked to school.

The Walk to School form Amherst Primary School students are filling-in (click image to expand)

Children that complete five round-trip walks from home to school will be presented with a Certificate of accomplishment by Deputy Tom Le Pelley, Chairman of Living Streets Guernsey.

Amherst Primary School students who walk to school this week will be presented with a certificate of accomplishment from Deputy Tom Le Pelley, Chairman of Living Streets Guernsey (click image to expand)

The children have been encouraged to walk to school for their health and to appreciate their environment.  Children who have cameras have been asked to take photos of what they notice on their way to school.

The children are also learning a song.

The first verse is:

If you have a trip you’ve got to take.
Don’t fall for the very big mistake.
Of sitting in the car, if you’re not going far.
There’s another form of transport you can take.
You could walk on your legs door to door.
Walk on your legs that’s what they’re for.
And when your jobs are done put your shoes back on.
Go walking on your legs a little more.

Click Walk on Your Legs to listen to the lyrics.

Amherst Primary School head teacher Tracey Moore said that on Monday 16 May over 200 children out of a total of 310 students had walked to school.  Twenty-five percent of these children don’t normally walk to school.

Le Houguette Primary School teacher Emma Curtis organised with parents three walking buses.   Child enjoy the social experience of chatting with their friends on their way to school.

Le Houguette Primary school walking bus on 16 May 2011 (click image to expand - ©Pat Wisher)

Emma Curtis told BBC Guernsey that Le Houguette Primary School organised their first Walking Bus last October.  During that week the walking bus gained popularity.  She said that traffic congestion was a problem during drop-off and pick-up times and walking to school would help alleviate the problem.  The more people who walk and cycle the better, she said.

Le Houguette is renewing their Healthy School status.  The school would like to encourage as much walking and cycling as possible not only for the health benefits but to allow children to socialise and to appreciate nature and their surroundings.

Emma Curtis encouraged parents to support the initiative.

(click on logo to go to Walk to School website)


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