Investec helps Amherst School’s garden to grow

April 19th, 2011 by Investec Bank Channel Islands Limited

INVESTEC staff swapped office suits for wellingtons and computers for spades and paintbrushes as part of their support of Amherst School.

In December, Investec Specialist Private Bank and Investec Asset Management announced that they had formed a new charitable partnership with the school after their five year association with the Dyslexia Day Centre ended in April.

Last weekend a team of staff worked on the school’s outside areas with Floral St Peter Port.

‘We’ve already formed a great relationship with the school and the staff who have spent time with the pupils have all really enjoyed it and it’s clear that the children are benefiting as well. Our support isn’t just limited to the youngsters and when we spoke to the teachers, it was clear that there was some physical work that could really make a difference to the school environment,’ said Stephen Henry, Managing Director, Investec Bank (Channel Islands) Limited.

The staff dug and weeded the vegetable patch ready for the school’s gardening club to begin after the Easter holidays, cleared borders, rubbed down and revarnished the benches, picnic tables and planters and repainted the pirate ship in the playground.


Laura Preston (left) and Amy Le Prevost of Investec restore the Amherst School pirate ship to its former glory (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

‘It was a great way of spending time with our colleagues and helping Amherst School at the same time. We all had a lot of fun and it was amazing to see how much we achieved.

Hopefully the children will appreciate it over the summer months,’ said Michelle Le Clerc from Investec Specialist Private Bank.

Amherst has its own dedicated Autistic Unit and its sensory garden also had a makeover which included cleaning out the pond ready for the children to refill it when they return to the school.

Katrina Jones from Floral St Peter Port was delighted that Investec was so willing to get involved.

‘It’s absolutely fantastic and with the number of Investec staff who volunteered, we were able to make a real difference to the school’s outside environment. It’s important to remember that children can benefit so much from being outside and so we need to create stimulating surroundings which allows them to exercise, play and also learn,’ she said.

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