Guernsey Water’s 2010 Annual Report highlights a successful year

April 14th, 2011 by Guernsey Water

(click on 2010 Guernsey Water Annual Report cover to download)

Guernsey Water reached its targets for water quality, storage levels, leakage and customer satisfaction, as noted in its 2010 Annual Report.

The Report highlights a number of successes enjoyed by the business during 2010. Overall water compliance against the strict criteria set by the UK’s Drinking Water Inspectorate reached 99.75%, with over 7,000 samples taken during the year. Although this figure is slightly down on 2009’s excellent figure, it is still high enough to stand comparison with anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Leakage and water main bursts were at a very low level and water storage figures remained comfortably above the set target. 99% storage was recorded in April 2010, exceeding the target level of 95%. This ensured that water resources for the typically high-demand summer period were very strong.

The general customer satisfaction rating taken from feedback questionnaires was very positive, with a customer satisfaction rating of 95.5% recorded for the year.

A number of important projects took place during 2010, including the installation of new mechanical screens to a number of the Island’s major pumping stations at La Mare de Carteret and Fermain as well as the newly commissioned station at Douits du Moulin in St Peters. The new screens are more adept at filtering out objects such as leaves and reduce the possibility of pump blockages, which can reduce the amount of water collected by the station.

The Annual Report also describes the key work during the year on the development of the new operational centre at Guernsey Water’s St Andrews reservoir site. The new building will allow the centralisation of all of the businesses’ operations and staff on the one site, improving communication and cutting overheads. The new building has been funded by Guernsey Water through the rationalisation of its property assets.


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