Guernsey Post Office helps in shoe repair

April 11th, 2011 by Richard Lord

Philip Henderson provided a good example of repair and reuse in a note to Facebook.

The sole of one of his black shoes had detached so he used ‘industrial strength’ glue to stick the sole back-on and used Guernsey Post Office rubber bands to hold the repair in place.

Philip Henderson uses discarded Guernsey Post Office rubber bands to fix the sole of his black shoe (click image to expand)

Once upon a time when a shoe lost a sole the owner would repair it or take it to the cobbler.  Too often now we throw broken shoes away and buy another pair.

Perhaps this is because shoes used to be made for a lifetime.  Today many shoes don’t last more than a few months.  The film “Kinky Boots” alluded to this when the Nottingham shoe company’s long-lasting expensive shoes were out-competed in the marketplace by cheap, throw-away shoes.

Buying quality products that may cost a little more can reduce waste because the materials may last longer.

Guernsey Post Office band together their postal deliveries with red rubber bands.  These red rubber bands are a common sight on the streets of St Peter Port.   Guernsey Post Office do not reuse them because their tensile strength declines with use.  Many end up littering St Peter Port streets and some get washed into storm drains.  If you see them on the street do pick them up because they can be put to many uses as Philip Henderson has demonstrated.

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