Gary Burgess gives ringing endorsement to the pleasure of bicycling in Guernsey

April 6th, 2011 by Richard Lord

Gary Burgess, GBG magazine editor, host of the BBC Guernsey’s flagship Sunday phone-in, and occasional IslandFM broadcaster, waxes lyrical about his new found pleasure of bicycling in Guernsey.

Gary said he is “very good at thinking good things, but not too hot at actually getting off my backside and doing them.”

A friend of his offered to sell him one of his bicycles for a relative bargain.  It was the excuse he needed to take up cycling.  He said “the secondhand bike makes me feel I am making the green people of this world happy.”

Gary Burgess enjoys the pleasure of cycling in Guernsey (click image to expand)

He has already been bicycling for one week.  “It’s going well,” he said.

“On the first day I cycled from just beyond Guernsey airport to Town, which was a lovely and a surprisingly easy ride.”

“Since then I have cycled from my home in Town to both the GBG Magazine office and BBC Guernsey on Bulwer Avenue. These were really pleasant rides even with a head wind.”

“Today I cycled from my home uphill to the top of Ruettes Brayes and then all the way to the Bridge and this was the most enjoyable ride so far.”

“I am getting fitter and I am less daunted by the hills – though I do walk with my bike up St Julian’s Avenue at the moment.  Best of all I am getting lots of fresh air, seeing and hearing lots of new sights and sounds, and saving on my petrol bill.”

“Indeed I have only made one car journey in the past week.”

“I was always one of those motorists who thought cyclists got in the way of a good drive, and I probably still am that person when behind the wheel of a car.”

Gary Burgess purchased a friend's bicycle to enjoy the pleasure of cycling in Guernsey (click image to expand)

“But I am now also a cyclist who believes I also have a right to use and enjoy Guernsey’s roads and lanes… and I now understand why so many cyclists choose to go from A to B on two wheels, rather than a motorised four.”

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