A Dutch company makes functional products from waste

April 23rd, 2011 by We Beat the Mountain

We Beat The Mountain is a young, innovative organisation that aims to reduce the worldwide trash and waste mountain.

In order to reach this goal, We Beat The Mountain and her community create, develop and produce cool functional products made from recycled waste and trash.

We Beat The Mountain started from three emotions: anger, frustration and pure astonishment.

In September 2009, Han Hendriks, founder of We Beat The Mountain, had to throw away a leisure suitcase (of a good and well-known brand) for the third time in his life, because the suitcase was broken. This frustrated him. While standing alongside the luggage belt at the airport, he realized how ugly suitcases actually are, and also how badly they are produced. Besides, the materials used to produce suitcases are very bad for the environment.

When Han Hendriks got more into this, he was shocked about how little products are made from recycled materials. This experience added up to Han’s plans to use his entrepreneurial qualities for a purpose that would make the world a little bit better. We Beat The Mountain is the organization that grew from there on.

In September 2010, the First We Beat The Mountain products will be available: a laptop sleeve (13, 15 and 17 inch), an iPad sleeve and a smartphone case.

In 2011, a Flex Worker’s Trolley (a handy suitcase to support Flexible Working/The New Way of Working) and a leisure suitcase will be added to this product range.

We Beat The Mountain believes that people will always keep consuming. We do not believe in efforts trying to make people consume less. People love to shop, buy and spend money. For that reason, we want to offer alternative ‘good’ products to be consumed, which enable people to buy a responsible product. We Beat The Mountain products are made from trash, therefore people who buy these products directly help to reduce the trash mountain. In addition, We Beat The Mountain products are designed according to Cradle to Cradle principles. Our products are made from pure materials, and are designed in such a way that the products can be taken apart, to ensure that recycling of all product parts is possible when the product becomes out of use. We Beat The Mountain facilitates the return logistics to make sure our products do not end up on the trash mountain.

We Beat The Mountain products are designed by our partner FLEX/the INNOVATION LAB. This professional product design agency designed the series of laptop sleeves in close cooperation with our own team. They also take care of the outsourcing of production of the sleeves.

By turning trash into products, we do not only clean up the world bit by bit, we also increase the value of trash. We Beat The Mountain products are taken back after use, to take them apart and reuse all parts of the products. The products are designed in such a way to enable this recycling process.

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