UK AWARE sustainable living show, London Olympia 25 & 26 March 2011

March 15th, 2011 by UK AWARE

The UK AWARE contemporary sustainable living show takes place at Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London from 10 am to 6 pm on the 25 and 26 March 2011.

The show hosts an excellent seminar programme on sustainability issues.

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The exhibition is a one stop shop for contemporary sustainable living and 2011 will be the fourth year of sending out positive messages to the general public about how small changes can make a big difference, and how sustainable living doesn’t mean compromising a modern lifestyle.

There will be thousands of innovative products and services ranging from cars and computers to fashion and food, and from eco-tourism to energy saving advice.

UK AWARE will also be one of the key highlight events of Climate Week, a national initiative to galvanise individuals, businesses and organisations to showcase the practical solutions to climate change in a concentrated week of positive action and awareness. UK AWARE and Climate Week share the same vision of providing a platform for ideas, demonstrating and inspiring the small steps which we can take towards a low carbon, low impact lifestyle.

Our key zones:-

Green Machines Expo – Britain’s largest collection of low carbon vehicles

Home and Lifestyle – green ideas for both inside and outside the home

Energy – to see some of the innovative ways in which you can reduce your energy consumption

Fashion – create your own ethical style

Business – an oasis of solutions to make your business a sustainable champion

Kids area – shows and interactive activities designed to inspire the next generation

Food area – locally sourced, delicious treats to tantalise your palette

Workshop area – urban bee keeping, restyling your clothes, bike repair and maintenance

Come to UK AWARE and be part of the solution not the problem!

To receive free tickets to the show visit UK AWARE and use the code SustainableGuernsey.   Also visit the UK AWARE website to sign up for the show’s newsletter.


The Seminar Programme on Friday 25 March

A big part of UK AWARE is what promises to be an excellent and engaging seminar program led by a superb list of experts in their field.

The London Mayor’s Environment Adviser Martin Powell will speak on “How will government cuts affect the public sector’s sustainability initiatives?” along with Darren Johnson, Chair of the London Assembly’s Environment Committee, and Dr Sara Eppel, formerly Head of the Policy Team at the Energy Saving Trust, and now Head of Sustainable Products and Consumers for DEFRA.

A seminar on “How organisations and businesses can cut costs while reducing carbon emissions and engaging consumers at the same time” will be presented by Charles Perry, a Partner of Second Nature, Benjamin Kott of Google, Chris Large, Head of Investment for Global Action Plan, and Liz Cross, CSR Strategy & Policy for Procurement for BT.

There will be a seminar on the “Future of Eco Transport” led by Greg Archer, Director, for Low Carbon Vehicles and Fuels.

The seminar will hear Hugo Spowers of riversimple, Nicola Giuggioli, CEO of the green hub, and Dr. Omar Hadded, VP for Commercial Operations & Marketing for Tata Motors European Technical Centre.

This seminar will be followed by a seminar on “Ethical finance – Is it possible to be ethical and shrewd?

Speakers will be Stephen Hine of EIRIS, Roger Ong of Charity Bank, Dr Victoria Hands of the LSE, Tom Minney of AfriGrowth Inc., and Edward Hanrahan of Climatecare.

The last seminar of the day will be on “Being Sustainable – The things we do, the things we buy, the people we are.”  The two renowned speakers will be Paul Murray, author of “The Sustainable Self“, and Chris Goodall, author of “How to live a low carbon life.”


The Seminar programme on 26 March

On Saturday we will have guidance from experts on the feed in tariffs, beginners guides to greener living and a fashion show.

The first seminar on Saturday begins at 10.30 am on “Financial support for renewable energy: a beginners’ guide to the Feed-in Tariffs (FITs),  Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme and The Green Deal.”  The seminar speakers will be Cathy Debenham of YouGen, Penny Kemp of the Green Party, and Matt Darling of epoda.

At midday there is a seminar on “Beginners guide to greener living.”  Tracey Smith, author of Book of Rubbish Ideas, and promoter of InterNational Downshifting Week will speak at this seminar along with the carbon coach Dave Hampton, Nigel Winter of The Vegan Society, and Piper Terrett who was crowned the green voice of the energy saving trust.

Dare2 will host a fashion show at 1.30 pm, and at 3 pm the WWF and Charlie Brown of IKEA will speak about Earth Hour and going beyond the hour.

The last seminar of the show begins at 4.30 pm on “What is sustainable tourism, and does it even exist?”  Richard Hammond, Founder of greentraveller will speak, and Tricia Barnett of Tourism Concern, and Alex Narracott of


And how about getting your hands dirty?

Our practical workshops will cover topics as varied as demonstrating how to be chemical free in the home and body to composting in an urban environment. Brigit Strawbridge will be talking about the birds and the bees (actually more about the bees!) and you can discover the who, what, why and how of recycling everything from card to computers, food to furniture and everything in between.

UK AWARE has an eclectic range of products and services that can help you to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Business: You might be interested in the financial services available such as Cash ISAs which ensure your deposits will only be lent to support charities, social enterprises and community organisations across the UK.
  • Office: How about looking at the procurement of your stationery to ensure sustainability in all aspects of your work and play?
  • Parents: Check out some of the environmentally friendlier options to nappies, baby wipes, toys, water bottles, natural chemical free cleaning agents – even tree free, biodegradable loo paper! And our KIDS AREA will have lots of activities to keep your little’uns happy and occupied while you check out the exhibition.
  • Fashion: Our fashion show will demonstrate that green is the new black and eco-chic is the latest trend on the catwalk!
  • Clothes: Want to re-vamp your wardrobe? Then clear out your closet and trade your unwanted items for a brand new look simply by “swapping” the old for the new. We have two clothes swapping sessions each day.
  • Green Machines: If you are enthusiast or just curious, we will have an amazing indoor test drive area on the first floor, so you can experience first hand some of the low-carbon and electric two-wheelers and cars on the market
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