The Guernsey Bicycle Group applauds the Environment Department for providing more facilities in Town for bicyclists

March 5th, 2011 by Francis Binney

Guernsey’s Environment Department has applied for planning permission to install more bicycle hoops and new bicycle shelters in two of the main seafront car parks in St. Peter Port.

The Department wishes to encourage people to commute to Town by bicycle, which will help reduce road traffic congestion during the daily commute into and out of St. Peter Port.

bicycle tie-up hoops are often over-crowded so providing additional bicycle facilities in Town is welcome (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The Environment Department has applied for permission to extend the bicycle parking area in the North Beach car park and add ten new bicycle hoops and two bicycle shelters.

The shelters will prevent the inconvenience of wet bicycle seats after a rain shower, and will also help improve bicycling safety as wet wheel rims reduce bicycle brake performance.

The Department has applied also for planning permission to install additional bicycle hoops and a bicycle shelter on Victoria Pier and two bicycle hoops at the Market Steps.

The Guernsey Bicycle Group (GBG) are pleased by this development as they have been campaigning for better bicycle facilities in St Peter Port for many years. Rollo de Sausmarez of GBG said the States is heading in the right direction and hopes that more can be done, such as the designation of more bicycle lanes, to encourage bicycling on Guernsey.

Bicycling is a fun, healthy, cheap and sustainable form of transportation.

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