Prince Charles’ energy efficient low carbon home on show at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court, London

March 14th, 2011 by Richard Lord

Visitors to London’s Ideal Home Show get their first glimpse of Britain’s Prince Charles’ energy efficient, well insulated house – a low carbon home made entirely from natural materials. Hayley Platt reports.

The ideal home show is at Earls Court, London from 11 to 27 March 2011.

Visitors to ‘The Prince’s House‘ will see HRH The Prince of Wales’s answer to eco-living – a traditionally built low carbon home made from natural materials .

The Prince’s House doesn’t rely on gadgets or hi-tech materials to make it green – rather its carbon savings are built into its design with things like a highly insulated roof, walls and floor making a shell that is highly efficient. Walls are simple, solid clay block structures trapping pockets of air that keep warm in winter and cool in summer and dramatically reduce heating bills. The roof and floor are insulated with lime-hemp and sheep’s wool.

The house at Earl’s Court is a re-creation of a ground-breaking new home design currently being pioneered by the Foundation at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in Watford.

The Natural House will be a live demonstration model at the Ideal Home Show to represent a viable blueprint to help to support sustainable volume housing developments for the future, offering an achievable alternative to typical contemporary accommodation.

The Prince’s Foundation believes building can be done in a way which is both sustainable and eye-catching at the same time. Rather than building more housing estates, it promotes the building of safe, pleasant and convenient neighborhoods with nearby shops, schools and play areas.

Chief Executive of The Prince’s Foundation, Hank Dittmar says: “The Foundation is very proud of The Natural House and its eco design principles and we hope that people who take a look at our design at the Ideal Home show will see the beauty and the benefits of natural and traditional homes. This house design can be rolled out economically in large numbers all over the country. Our way of doing this would be to work with local communities to modify the house to fit in with the local character of the area – the one at Earl’s Court is a suburban design.”

The House was manufactured off-site and delivered in modules to Earls Court prior to the show opening on March 11th, and fitted to a high specification with only the best British Materials, outlined by the Prince’s Foundation’s building requirements.

Once built, the demonstration house will be taken to the Scottish Ideal Home Show in Glasgow held from the 27 to 30 May 2011, where it will be see for the second time by a further 45,000 visitors.

The partnership between The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment and the Ideal Home Show launched last year, begins its five year collaboration to help promote and build better neighborhoods and communities with the development of its first-ever traditional Georgian style family home, which will be the highlight of this year’s show.

Lee Newton, Managing Director of Media 10 Ltd, commented: “It is important for us to understand what our visitors want from their homes and communities and how we can help them improve their homes and understand new developments and sustainability, for the future. We want to encourage people to have more of a say about where they live, the type of house they live in and their community, rather than accept something they do not like.

“This year’s Ideal Home Show 2011, will see the first time we have created a royal house since 1935 where the King’s House was presented to HM King George V, and this year’s Prince’s House will be a full scale model of a sustainable home that our visitors will be able to see for themselves, offering an attractive traditionally designed property that is genuinely better to live in.”

The partnership between the Prince’s Foundation and the Ideal Home Show will create a public forum, through the introduction of a public survey at this year’s Ideal Home Show by asking visitors what their Ideal Neighbourhood would be, and what their opinions are on this unique ‘Prince’s House’ property, as well as opinions on development in general and the increasing environmental concerns surrounding domestic energy use.

The construction and build of this show house has been generously sponsored by Siemens, EDF Energy, and Tingdene and supported by Twyford, Little Green, Clearview Stoves, and Hansgrohe, as well as a wide range of suppliers.

The Ideal Home Show, London will open its doors for 17 days from 11 to 27 March 2011 at London’s Earls Court.

Tickets can be either booked online or by calling the Ticket Hotline on 0844 415 4144



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