Earth Hour message from the UK Prime Minister David Cameron

March 21st, 2011 by Prime Minister David Cameron

“I am delighted to send my very best to the WWF and this year’s Earth Hour.  At the heart of this initiative is one simple and yet profound idea – sharing responsibility holds the key to fighting climate change.

Yes, of course, international co-operation and government action have vital roles to play.

That is why we say we want this to be the greenest government ever we mean it.

In just ten months we have invested hundreds of millions in carbon capture and storage pilots and off-shore wind.  We have introduced a new Green Deal to help insulate millions of homes in Britain.

We have begun work on a Green Investment Bank to spur private sector innovation in the latest green technologies, and we have played a key role in helping the world get back on track towards a binding deal on cutting carbon emissions, and at the same time we have reduced our emissions right here in Whitehall.

What’s more, we are taking steps to transform the electricity market in the UK so we encourage lots more investment in clean energy.

But let us recognise that as important as all this is government cannot meet the challenge of climate change on its own.  As well as a low carbon government if you like, we need a low carbon society.  Millions of people making practical changes to their lives.

It will be the choices we make as individuals, which will mean the difference between success and failure.

That is what Earth Hour is all about – millions of people all over the world coming together to switch off their lights, tackle climate change and protect our natural world.  It is a huge symbol of global solidarity, an inspiring display of international commitment, and I can assure you, we here in government will play our part on March 26 so congratulations once again.  I urge everyone to take part, and I really do believe this is another small step to the big prize we all want to see – our planet protected from Climate Change.”

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