St. Andrew Foral Guernsey team plant hedge along country lane with financial assistance from Argent Funeral Services and with support from The Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees

February 22nd, 2011 by Floral Guernsey St Andrew

The St. Andrew’s Floral Guernsey team known as “the Bloomers” with the assistance of Andrew McCutcheon, Secretary of The Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees, planted a hedge along a St. Andrew lane on 15 February 2011.

A St. Andrew lane before the whips are planted (click image to expand)

The whips were purchased with money donated to Floral Guernsey St. Andrew by Argent Funeral Services.

whips for the hedge planting paid for by Argent Funeral Services (click image to expand)

Owners Gary and Jai Vaudin wished to invest in the biodiversity of the Parish.

Members of the St. Andrew Parish Floral Guernsey team (click image to expand)

Floral Guernsey St. Andrew will receive more whips in early to mid-March for a Royal Horticultural Society and Woodland Trust tree planting in the Parish.

Digging holes for the whips (click image to expand)

Planting underway (click image to expand)

A St. Andrew parish country lane with a border of recently planted whips (click image to expand)

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