Population Policy Group to hold public meetings in March 2011 to explain consultation document “Managing Guernsey’s Population”

February 20th, 2011 by Population Policy Group





The Population Policy Group will hold public meetings in March 2011 as part of the consultation which is currently taking place about managing Guernsey’s population.

The public meetings will be held at the following venues on different evenings and each meeting will start at 7pm with a presentation which will last about 30 minutes and afterwards there will be the opportunity for those attending to ask questions:

  • Vale Douzaine Room – Wednesday 2nd March 2011
  • St James – Thursday 3rd March 2011
  • Forest School – Monday 7th March 2011
  • Les Beaucamps High School – Thursday 10th March 2011
  • St Martin’s Primary School – Wednesday 16th March 2011

In addition, a lunchtime public meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 15th March 2011 at St James. This meeting will start at 12.30pm. The format for this meeting will be the same as for the evening meetings.

At each of the meetings, the politicians and civil servants who are involved in developing a mechanism which will help the Island manage its population in the future will be on hand after the presentation to answer any questions those attending may have and to help to clarify anything that that they may be unclear about.

(click document cover to download PDF booklet - about 4 MB)

Deputy Flouquet said, “The early response to this consultation and the number of people who took advantage of the drop-in sessions at Checkers has been very encouraging. I hope that this trend will continue and as many people as possible will take the opportunity to attend one of these public meetings to learn more about this important issue.

As I have said before it is vital that everybody takes advantage of the these opportunities to participate in this consultation and let the PPG know how they believe the size and make up of Guernsey’s population should be managed. In offering six public meetings the PPG wants to give as many people as possible an opportunity to understand the issues and so be able to make an informed response.”

Your response to the public consultation document may be completed on-line.

For more information please visit the States of Guernsey Government website.

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