London School of Economics presentations on climate change and sustainability

January 20th, 2011 by Richard Lord

The LSE provides audio recordings and PowerPoint slides of presentations on climate change and sustainability on their Complexity Research Programme website.

“Complex Solutions for Complex Problems: Mobilising social response to accelerating climate change in a post-Copenhagen context” by David Wasdell

“Convergence: Can the Economy As We Know It Survive Economic Depletion?” by Dr Chris Martenson

Climate Change Workshop

“A Sustainable 2050? – Difficult and Possible” by Robert Horn

“Turning the Tide: Using psychological methods to support attitude and behaviour change” by Kate Hopkinson

“Transition Towns and Tradable Energy Quotas: Frameworks to support a diversity of small-scale solutions to the largescale problems of peak oil and climate change” by Shaun Chamberlin and Dr David Fleming

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