It’s time to look at ourselves

January 16th, 2011 by Lester Queripel


It’s time to observe how much we use.

Do you consider the environment or do you abuse?

Do you take for granted………the seeds that others have planted?

The big companies are also to blame.

We are just little pawns in their game.

They produce items that are too expensive to repair.

So we have to buy ‘new’ and they don’t actually care.

Because they get a bigger share.

Then our ‘broken technology’ gets buried in the ground.

In hundreds of years it will all be found.

Then questions will be asked about this ‘materialistic grave’.

How much we took and how much we gave.

All ‘take’ and no ‘give’ is such an easy way to live.

But however you put it, whatever you say.

We have to address the issue…………it won’t just go away!

We have to take care of Mother Earth.

It was she who gave us our birth.

Let’s not throw it all back in her face.

If we do, we’ll be a human disgrace.

So if you want to prove you really care.

Then take responsibility and become more aware.

Look at yourself and the way you behave.

It’s wake up time, it’s time to be brave.

We have got an earth to save.


©Lester Queripel / Fred Williamson  14 April 2010


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