Guernsey wastewater charge will be imposed from April 2011

January 7th, 2011 by Guernsey Water

GUERNSEY’S new Wastewater Charge will be introduced from April 2011, after the Commencement Ordinance was passed by the States at the end of last year.

The charge will cost the average Guernsey customer around £150 per household per annum, and will consist of a standing charge of £30 per annum and additional charges relating to volume of wastewater discharged (metered customers) or the TRP of the property (unmetered customers).

The final portion of the charge will be a fixed fee of £50 per annum per household/business which will be used for sewage treatment investigation works. This fixed fee will be collected for the next four years.

Income from the charge will be reinvested into the wastewater network, and all domestic and commercial properties will be liable to pay the charge.

Those properties which have cesspits will still be liable for wastewater charges. However, it has been decided to increase the subsidy that the States pays on the emptying charges, from one third of the economic cost to two thirds. In practise, this means that the cesspit emptying charge will be reduced from £12 to £6 per load from April 2011 when the Wastewater Charge comes in.

Guernsey Wastewater, a business unit of the Public Services Department, will be responsible for the administration and collection of the new Wastewater Charge.

In an effort to reduce administration costs, Guernsey Wastewater will be collecting the income from the Wastewater Charge through Guernsey Water’s billing system. This means that customers will be able to pay using the same methods as they would for their normal water bill. Guernsey Water customers who are already on Direct Debit for their water charges will not need to do anything, as their wastewater bill will automatically be debited from their account when the charge is introduced.

Direct Debit customers will of course be informed of the amount that will be debited from their account in advance as per the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Guernsey Wastewater has further information on their website.  An advice leaflet will also be sent out to customers with Guernsey Water’s first quarter billing run (January – March 2011).

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