Generali International Limited has become the latest company to receive the Keep Guernsey Green Award

January 24th, 2011 by States of Guernsey Environment Department

Generali International Limited has become the latest company to receive the Keep Guernsey Green Award.

To receive the Award, Generali had to meet a set of standards to demonstrate its commitment to energy conservation and waste management.

Debbie Le Noury, Head of the Eco-Generali Project Team, said “the Generali Worldwide Group has always strived to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This has been achieved primarily by managing waste, reducing energy consumption and recycling.  The Eco-Generali Project was formed earlier this year to communicate what we have already achieved and to encourage and educate our staff to ensure we continue to improve in the future. It seemed a natural step to participate in the Keep Guernsey Green Award.

The accreditation process started in June and recognition was given to the initiatives that have been undertaken in recent years largely by our Facilities and Information Systems Departments. It has been a rewarding process and with the guidance and help of our assessor, Mr Steve Parks, it has been a successful initiative. The Generali Worldwide Group is very proud to achieve this award.”

Deputy Peter Sirett, Minister for the Environment Department, echoed the importance of communicating, encouraging and educating staff.

By encouraging people to be involved, companies can often identify additional areas where energy can be saved and waste reduced.  For example, employees could question and review historic practices, such as the need to leave computers on 24/7 for updates or reducing the number of copies required for a document.”

To achieve the Keep Guernsey Green Award, organisations have to meet a set of standards covering ‘Policy and Planning’, ‘Action’ and ‘Review and Improvement’.

Examples of the way Generali International Limited met the standards are detailed below:

Policy and Planning

  • Produced an Environmental Policy
  • Identified Energy usage and waste streams
  • Put together a programme of actions to be implemented to reduce energy and waste sent to landfill


  • Update staff on new initiatives/areas of work
  • Carried out actions, such as preparing a log book for the building and a succession plan

Review and Improvement

  • Seek feedback from staff on existing initiatives and potential new initiatives.
  • Regularly review energy usage and waste produced.
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