Ellen MacArthur and Nuffield Foundation launch Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Resource

January 10th, 2011 by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ellen MacArthur launched a skills-based, cross-curricular learning resource challenging pupils aged 11-13 to rethink a sustainable future based on lessons from nature.

‘Futures’, a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) topic for Key Stage 3, has been developed by the Nuffield Foundation in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The Foundation is working with education and business to encourage people to re-think and design a sustainable future through the idea of a ‘circular economy’. The programme aims to support use of the resource in 1000 UK secondary schools by the summer of 2012.

The freely available resource, piloted in a selection of UK schools last summer, features 28 hours of teaching time complete with teachers’ guidance notes, pupil activity sheets, a learning journal, presentations, films and animations. Pupils will learn how to use Circular Economy thinking to explore key issues relating to waste, transport and climate change, before using the acquired knowledge and skills to conduct an enquiry-based project of their choice. Teaching is supported by a set of CPD modules.

Speaking at the Association for Science Education (ASE) Annual Conference 2011 at the University of Reading, MacArthur said: “STEM Futures challenges young people to see future challenges as potential opportunities. It explores in particular the idea of rethinking and redesigning our current system using insights from living systems. .We want to provide a stimulus for creativity and innovation, we want young people leaving school understanding the huge opportunities a re-thought future can offer.”

Cris Edgell, STEM Project Head, Nuffield Foundation Curriculum Programme, added: “Nuffield’s cross-curricular STEM projects encourage pupils to explore problems in depth through science, mathematics and design & technology and through project work to encourage better understanding of how these disciplines – along with engineering – interact in the real world. Futures does just that, supporting the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in its longer-term approach based on the principle of ‘using things better’ rather than ‘using things up’.”

Please visit the Nuffield Foundation website too download Futures for free.

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