Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, visits St Peter Port harbour on 8 and 9 January 2011

January 10th, 2011 by Tony Rive

A bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, visited St. Peter Port harbour, Guernsey on 8 and 9 January 2011.

The following images were taken on 8 January between 3.30 and 4.30 pm around the Fish Quay, and between Boatworks + and the old lifeboat slip.

The ten foot long bottlenose dolphin passes near the St Peter Port marina dory (click image to expand - ©Tony Rive)

The bottlenose dolphin follows the Guernsey Yacht Club RIB "Ribit" in The Pool, St Peter Port harbour on 8 January 2011 (click image to expand - ©Tony Rive)

This dolphin followed the commercial fishing vessel Dawn Mist into St. Peter Port harbour.

The bottlenose dolphin near the Guernsey Yacht Club's RIB in St Peter Port Harbour on 8 January 2011 (click image to expand - ©Tony Rive)

On the evening of 9 January 2011 Jerry Cobb tied up to the pontoon at the end of the Albert Quay.  While filleting fish on his boat he “heard a major expulsion of air and looked up to see a massive dolphin.”

He writes “it swam under my boat and circled between me and the fish quay a number of times. I have encountered many dolphin but not as big as this one.  Every breath was audible.”

The precocious male bottlenose dolphin named Randy or Georges visited St Peter Port harbour on Valentine’s Day 2002.  He followed fishing boats along Guernsey’s south coast and into the harbour and escorted and ‘played with’ scallop divers on the sea bed.

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