Artists for Nature Foundation Jubilee project in Sark from 4 to 16 May 2011

January 20th, 2011 by Rosie Guille

Fifteen of the world’s finest wildlife and landscape artists paint, draw and sculpt for the love of Sark in May 2011.

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The project for Sark is the 15th of the Artists for Nature Foundation and marks their very special twenty year jubilee.

The aim is to promote the unique natural habitat of Sark through the work of renowned international wildlife artists from a range of disciplines.

The artists who visit Sark will engage with local people and visitors in the creation of their work with workshops where people will be encouraged to produce their own artwork with help from the experts.

The artists will also work with children from Sark school and help them to develop their interest in art.

The work produced by the artists will be exhibited on Sark with the intention of improving access to the work and linking art creation with the Sark community.

The artists’ art will be also exhibited in Guernsey and internationally and a book and a film will be produced highlighting the work which they have done in an effort to promote and conserve Sark’s natural beauty and habitat.

The Artists for Nature Foundation is a unique organisation that uses the creative output of artists producing paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, inspired and mostly created on location by renowned and talented artists from all over the world as a medium to draw attention to the need for nature to be appreciated as an essential element of sustainable development.

ANF acts as a catalyst for nature conservation and is not itself a formal nature conservation organisation. It draws the attention of policy-formulators and decision-makers to the natual world by enabling groups of influential and talented artists to capture the spirit of endangered landscapes and species in their natural habitat. Professionally mounted exhibitions of their artworks, DVDs and books that tell the story of each project and place have become collectors items and show and tell the stories of the specific project.

The ANF have successfully undertaken 14 projects on four continents involving over 130 artists. The ANF’s work is endorsed by former world leaders and Royal family members including King Juan Carlos of Spain and HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales.

Since the summer of 2009, Sark artist Rosanne Guille and the ANF have been working together on the ANF’s 20 year project based on the unique natural history and culture of the island of Sark.

Rosanne Guille at Hog's Bank, Sark (click image to expand)

To know more about the work of the ANF view Art with a heart or view the Sark project proposal.

The ANF’s Founder, Ysbrand Brouwers and Filmmaker, Hans Rademakers made their first visit to Sark in May 2010.

They were very impressed by the unspoiled natural beauty of the island.  During his visit, Hans Rademakers made a short film.

The organisers hope that local businesses and individuals will show their support for this wonderful opportunity to showcase Sark through the work of some of the world’s best contemporary artists.

Sponsors for the project include the Wildlife Art Journal, Geomarine, Rock Trustees, Sark Glass Take Two, Heritage Insurance, Woodlock Financial Services and Stocks Hotel Sark.

To become a sponsor please contact Rosanne at rosieguille @ or telephone 07781 122385 or 832418 or visit Rosanne Guille’s website.

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  1. Tani

    Superb idea. Can’t wait to see the results.

  2. Andrew Tyzack

    Well done Rosie – I’ll look forward to all of the results.

    Best wishes,


  3. Emanuel Nervo

    I liked the promo video very much, because it is simple and straightforward. Also I enjoyed the document “art-with-a-heart”. I believe your intentions and wish you all good luck and lots of fun too.


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