Professor James Clark speaks about green chemistry and waste as future feedstock

December 20th, 2010 by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Professor James Clark of the Department of Chemistry’s Green Chemistry Group at The University of York speaks about Green Chemistry and waste as future feedstock.

His presentation is introduced by Dame Ellen MacArthur who has founded the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is working for a sustainable future.

Professor James Clark’s presentation spans five Youtube videos.  He focuses on the importance of life-cycle analysis of consumer products and their impact on our environment.

He speaks about the elements critical to industry that we are running out of because of their dispersal after use and the difficulty of recovering them.

He gives examples of the hazardous chemicals that shouldn’t be used in manufacturing, and the hazardous and wasteful chemical processes that industry uses to make everyday consumer products.

With a chemist’s world view he dispels some common held assumptions and raises the audience’s awareness of some of the environmental and resource problems we are creating.

He is encouraged by the growing awareness of the need to examine manufacturing processes and the slowly increasing interest in the field of Green Chemistry.

These and other videos are available on the video page of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website.

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