Make your New Year’s Resolution a ‘Promise’ to START something good

December 30th, 2010 by Start

Start, an initiative inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales to promote and celebrate sustainable living, is seeking to galvanise people and whole communities across the UK to make ‘promises’ in the New Year related to sustainable living. Start Something Good in 2011 and make a ‘promise’ to lead a more sustainable life from midnight on 1 January 2011.

This brand new campaign follows the success of A Garden Party To Make A Difference, the eco-festival held in the gardens of Clarence House at the invitation of The Prince Of Wales which saw over 30,000 people investigate new and simple ways to lead more sustainable lives. Throughout the festival over 50% of visitors pledged or made a ‘promise’ to make a sustainable alteration in their lives, from insulating their loft and using low energy light bulbs to turning off the tap whilst cleaning teeth or simply to grown some of their own food. A sample of the ‘promises’ made at the Virgin Money Pledge Tree showed that 45% of people were inspired to make changes relating to Energy use, 17% Food, 14% Garden, 13% Miscellaneous and 11% focused on Water conservation.

Beginning a full year of activity, Start are urging the UK to make a New Year’s resolution to Start Something Good and register their ‘promise’ at Whether choosing from the existing simple ideas or registering a new one, each ‘promise’ will help generate a picture of the most popular ‘promises’ to lead a more sustainable life. Ten New Year’s resolution ‘promise’ suggestions are:

1. Start insulating

2. Start holidaying closer to home

3. Start loving your leftovers

4. Start buying local in season produce

5. Start upcycling

6. Start using water wisely

7. Start being thermostat friendly

8. Start car sharing

9. Start making and baking

10. Start Shwopping

A very simple New Year’s resolution could be to ‘promise’ to Start Shwopping. Shwopping is a new Start initiative to encourage people to swap unwanted or ‘pre-loved’ gifts as an alternative to shopping for new items. Whether exchanging items with friends, or throwing a Shwopping party, this is a brilliant opportunity to increase the lifecycle of objects and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

A perfect time of year to Start Shwopping and relocate those annual unwanted Christmas gifts. A recent YouGov poll found that toiletries were the least wanted gifts in 2009 and included Britney Spears perfume and bubble bath, lush bath bombs and bubble bath selection boxes.

The ten most unusual unwanted gifts mentioned by respondents included:

• A Book Of Wills

• Fake Moustache

• Make Your Own Paper Kit

• Anti Snoring Spray

• An Inner tube

• A wasp catcher

• A Frozen Eel

• Suduko toilet paper

• ‘amusing’ slippers

• No presents at all

Jo Kenrick, CEO of Start said, “We are delighted to announce this new initiative from Start. This is a brilliant opportunity for people to make promises they do intend to keep, and to unite the country in one very simple goal.”

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