wins the Best Use of Online Media in the global 2010 Green Awards

December 4th, 2010 by Meriel is proud to announce that they received the ‘Best Use of Online Media’ award in the 2010 Green awards on 2 December.

Despite being a start-up social enterprise, they have beaten national retailers and local authorities at a fantastic ceremony held at the Natural History Museum.

Meriel Lenfestey and Tracy Currer of Ecomodo with their 2010 Green Award which they received at the awards ceremony at the Natural History Museum in London (click image to expand)

Ecomodo has a simple goal – to get communities lending and borrowing to make better use of the all the stuff we all have sitting idle, such as tools and party, sports and hobby equipment. Ecomodo took a two pronged approach to achieving this goal. They are building awareness of the concept to bring it into the public consciousness and drive uptake, and they have provided an online tool to facilitate lending and borrowing transactions.

Lending and borrowing is good for people, pocket and planet. It encourages social engagement, saves people money and maximises the utility of the resources we already have. The carbon impact of people following their dreams, pursuing their interests and doing the boring jobs can be greatly reduced if people borrow instead of buying. The need for this is illustrated well by the amazing fact that the average drill is used for only 12 minutes in its lifetime. The total lifecycle impact from the collection of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution, to disposal is unacceptable when the purchaser was probably within a few metres of an idle drill in a neighbour’s shed.

Ecomodo is improving lives through social engagement and access to resources, and offering a brand new way of fundraising for good causes. This new service will play a part in changing the shape of our future economy. It will demonstrate that commercial viability and good can go hand in hand.

Meriel Lenfestey, co-founder of Ecomodo said “Ecomodo stands apart from other online campaigns because it not only conveys a message, but also provides the capability to drive actions. It’s a practical tool which enables everybody to walk the walk.” In response to the award Meriel’s partner Tracy Currer said “It’s a real honour to be recognised by such an esteemed panel of judges from organisations including the WWF, The Carbon Trust, UNEP and Saatchi & Saatchi.”

Wayne Hemingway, in handing out the award said, the judges chose Ecomodo because it is a genuinely useful, creative concept, exquisitely designed with great potential to drive change. He added “If you haven’t seen their website you must check it out”.


Ecomodo is the Marketplace of Good Returns ..

  • Make and save money: Earn money by lending objects, skills and spaces. Save by money by borrowing items instead of buying
  • Do a good turn: Choose to donate proceeds to a favourite charity or help the community by sharing assets
  • Lend and borrow confidently: Create trusted lending circles. Choose insurance or deposits for extra peace of mind.
  • Live a richer life: Take up a new hobby or sport, learn a new skill. Ecomodo enables users to borrow rather than  buy and so opens the door to new experiences at low or no cost
  • Be green: Communities can reduce their collective effect on the environment by pooling resources.

Ecomodo is a social Enterprise.

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