The Guernsey Bicycle Group advises reflective clothing and bright lights for winter bicycling

November 2nd, 2010 by Francis Binney

A few members of the Guernsey Bicycle Group gather to promote safe winter cycling (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The Guernsey Bicycle Group wishes all road users safe travel during winter months.  With shorter day lengths it will be dark at the end of the office day during the commute home.

Guernsey Bicycle Group Chairman Francis Paul said “the Guernsey law requires bicyclists to fit and use proper lights for night time travel.  Sensible cyclists comply with the law which clearly makes good sense. Advances in technology mean that some very effective cycle lights are available these days.”

The Guernsey Bicycle Group also recommends wearing high visibility jackets when cycling in dark or night time conditions.  Bicyclists and pedestrians in dark clothing can be invisible to motorists.

Francis Paul said “it is only common sense for cyclists to increase their “noticeability” now that the darker evenings are here.  Cyclists – and walkers – are “vulnerable road users”.   Whereas car drivers are cocooned and protected, cyclists and walkers are “soft shelled”.

He added “the Guernsey Bicycle Group always recommends the use of cycle helmets.”

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