Investec staff enthusiastic about commuting to work on Guernsey buses

November 12th, 2010 by Investec Bank Channel Islands Limited

Investec staff have made over 3,000 bus journeys since the company agreed to offer its staff free bus travel.

The initiative, which was available to staff at Investec Specialist Private Bank and Investec Asset Management, was part of the company’s efforts to improve its green credentials. Since February 70 cards, each with 50  free journeys on, have been handed to staff.

Environment Minister Peter Sirett with an ormer card. Investec is offering all staff members free bus travel in exchange for leaving their cars at home (click image to expand - photo by Chris George)

‘As a Town-based company, we were very aware of the high volumes of commuter traffic coming in and out of St Peter Port and we wanted to play a small part in reducing those numbers,’ said Michelle Le Clerc, head of banking operations and a member of Investec’s Green Team.

‘We have been delighted by the take up from our staff who have really embraced the initiative and we will continue to support those staff who don’t come to work in their cars. Giving out Ormer cards is part of a number of different ways that we are reducing our carbon footprint and improving the environment which we live and work in.’

Lauren McSwiggen is currently on her fifth Ormer card which she uses to get to and from work from her St Sampson’s home and at weekends.

‘Using the bus is convenient, much cheaper than buying petrol and saves the hassle of trying to find parking,’ she said.

‘I think encouraging more staff to take the bus is a fantastic way for a company to show its commitment to green issues, and a great perk for its employees.’

Beth McGonnell now leaves her car at home and takes the bus and is also on her fifth pass.

It’s a fantastic idea – saves time and money.  The time I used to wait in traffic jams or finding a parking space was unbelievable,’ she said.

‘It has also made me more active as I have about an eight minute walk to get to the bus stop and I also get off at the bus station which is about another five minute walk to the office. It also takes the stress out of driving in the rush hour.’

Annelies George is on her sixth card and uses her card to get to and from work and also at weekends.

‘Now the bus fare has gone up, not everyone can afford it and so it’s great that Investec is supporting us in this way,’ she said.

‘I take the bus along the front and  often find myself looking out the window at the view which makes you feel quite relaxed. I guess car users don’t get to enjoy that when they are stuck in traffic and looking for a parking space.’
Hannah Beacom of Island Coachways said it was fantastic that so many journeys by Investec staff were now made on the bus.

‘The enthusiasm shown by Investec staff has exceeded our expectations. It is clear that those staff who have made the decision to leave their cars at home are seeing a number of personal benefits as well as reducing the company’s impact on the environment. We have seen a number of companies adopting a similar approach and hope that the success of the Investec initiative encourages even more businesses to follow suit,’ she said.

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