Builder Dan Phillips on why we waste so much building our homes

November 28th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Dan Phillips explains why human behaviour causes waste in the building industry.

The homes Dan Phillips builds are made with 70 to 80 percent recycled material.  He builds homes with other people’s waste.  He has used car number plates for roof tiles, bathroom tiles made of pieces of porcelain toilet bowls, and a pub beer tap for a bathroom tap.  The homes he builds are as creative and as individual as the human mind.

“We are in trouble,” says Dan Phillips.  The problem with waste is world wide.  We need to reconnect with the primarily parts of ourselves.  We need to reconnect with who we really are to help solve the problem.

The opportunity in Guernsey for reusing good materials thrown out during building and renovation projects is no different.

The timber for the floor in the entire hall of this St Peter Port property was salvaged from a local church that had suffered flood damage (click image to expand)

A close-up of the high-quality finished hall floor made of wood that was being thrown out because it had been damaged by a flood (click image to expand)

Many good materials get thrown out that are in perfectly good condition but they may be the ‘wrong’ colour or the ‘wrong’ texture or size.  A weather-protected Re-use and Recovery centre would be an ideal facility for accepting these items.  The London Community Recycling Network is establishing such facilities.  Guernsey could follow suit to help our community minimise the amount of waste it generates.

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  1. Yvonne

    Absolutely brilliant and inspirational video. Spend time watching this instead of junk TV and enhance your world view.

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