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October 17th, 2010 by Richard Lord

On 18 to 29 October 2010 the Convention on Biological Diversity hold an international conference on biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan.

To bring attention to this biodiversity conference and the global loss of biodiversity, the Crisisoflife website has been established as an educational, non-profit video project.  Video journalist Klaus Bardenhagen has interviewed several experts on biodiversity.

The negative impacts of the biodiversity crisis on our quality of life will only increase unless the sustainable management of the planet’s living resources becomes a global concern and leads to changes in policies and management on local, national and international levels.

The experts state that continuing business-as-usual could be devastating, with species extinctions, and ecosystem collapses on a global scale.  To avoid such calamities, we need a new kind of global governance which maintains biodiversity and ecosystems as a global commons cared for by all of humanity.  Visit the Crisisoflife website for more information.

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