Malcolm Anderson, Environmental Practices Adviser for The National Trust, presents “The Shock of the New”

October 16th, 2010 by Channel Island Group of Professional Engineers

The Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers (CIGPE) hosts a visit to Guernsey and Jersey by Malcolm Anderson, Regional Environmental Practices Adviser for The National Trust, on 20 and 21 October 2010.

Malcolm Anderson with some new photovoltaic panels on the roof of a National Trust building (click image to expand ©The National Trust)

Malcolm Anderson will give a presentation “The Shock of the New” at the Duke of Richmond Hotel, St. Peter Port, Guernsey beginning at 8 pm on 20 October 2010.

His presentation will discuss the reasons for focusing so heavily on subjects such as the sustainability agenda, the background to climate change and resource use and using new technologies in historic environments, particularly with regards to heating and energy use.

New boilers being craned into position on a National Trust building (click image to expand - ©The National Trust)

The lecture will also discuss how the National Trust is re-investing in traditional materials and historic systems.

The presentation will conclude with discussion on the challenge ahead and ways that people, particularly skilled professionals, can get involved with the work of the Trust.

The cafe and the cottage at Kynance Cove in Cornwall upgraded by The National Trust with photovoltaic roof tiles (click image to expand - ©The National Trust)

At the Kynance Cove Café and Cottage in Cornwall, The National Trust installed photovoltaic panels for electricity production, and a Bio-Bubble sewage treatment facility to deal with all the waste from the toilets and the café.

Prior to the lecture presentation there will be a dinner beginning at 18.30 which can be booked through Allan Le Feuvre by calling 07781 431564.  The cost of the dinner is £17 per person.  Cheques can be mailed to Mr. Allan Le Feuvre, Mana, Pleinheaume Road, Vale, Guernsey GY6 8NR

The CIGPE flyer with the dinner menu and booking details may be downloaded to your computer.

The 19th Century Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags in Yorkshire. The renovated mill has photovoltaic panels on the roof. (click image to expand - ©The National Trust)

Gibson Mill has been renovated with £1.6 million of funding.  The renovation concentrated on making the Mill sustainable with phone lines being the only outside service Gibson Mill is connected to.  The Mill runs on renewable energy.

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