Zero Waste Expert Professor Paul Connett returns to Guernsey for 20 September presentation

September 1st, 2010 by Events

Emeritus Professor and Zero Waste expert Paul Connett returns to Guernsey to give a free public presentation on “How to achieve Waste minimisation and Zero Waste” in the Harry Bound room at Les Cotils at 7.30 pm on 20 September.  His expertise and vast knowledge of the subject will help inform our community about the options for a solid waste strategy.

Zero Waste expert Professor Paul Connett

Professor Connett was in Guernsey in February when he gave a presentation on “Zero Waste – How to minimise waste for a sustainable future” to a packed Beau Sejour Leisure Centre theatre audience.  He spoke also about the economic and environmental reasons why massburn incineration is an inappropriate solid waste treatment method.

Professor Connett, a Cambridge University educated biochemist, has been a proponent of Zero Waste for over 30 years.  Professor Connett knows that our civilisation must move away from the take – make – waste paradigm where resources are extracted, turned into products, and then into waste.

Professor Connett’s solution follows the principles of a waste hierarchy which puts waste prevention, repair, reuse and recycling ahead of disposal, with no need for a big technical end solution. The Public Services Department also places this waste hierarchy at the centre of their new solid waste strategy consultation.

On a finite planet resources shortages will develop if our society continues to dispose of resources or burn them up for energy. The materials that are no longer needed should be recovered and recycled to produce new goods.

Professor Connett has travelled the world visiting resource recovery facilities and has given presentations on the subject (without accepting payment) to well over 2000 audiences, including delegates at the United Nations in New York.  He is a charismatic speaker.  He has been described as one of the few people in the world who can make the subject of  ‘waste’ interesting.

The Zero Waste concept is increasingly being adopted by jurisdictions and nations around the world.

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