Unwanted clothing and textiles can help The Lord’s Taverners

September 4th, 2010 by Richard Lord

A1 Recycling Solutions CI Ltd. collects unwanted textiles and clothing from Guernsey for distribution to Africa and Eastern Europe.  The company has distributed leaflets to people’s homes to ask for clothing and textiles that are in good condition and are no longer required.   Call 07911 736323 to arrange for a collection on Monday.  Fill an appropriate bag and attach the label illustrated below.  Leave the bag or bags in clear view outside the front door on the collection day stated.  Collections begin at 9 am and continue all day.


A1 Recycling Solutions CI Ltd also collects excess textiles from charity shops, which the company pays for.

The Lord’s Taverners allow A1 Recycling Solutions to use the charity’s logo on their collection bins, which are distributed around the island, for a fee paid based on the tonnage of clothing and textiles collected.

The Lord's Taverners clothing bank at the L'Islet M&S car park

The Lord’s Taverners Guernsey was established in 1980.  The charity is dedicated to “giving young people, particularly those with special needs, a sporting chance.”

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