Travel Actively for your health and wellbeing

September 28th, 2010 by Cat Chappell

The Travelactively website states that more than half of men and nearly three quarters of women are not active enough for their health and wellbeing.  The website publishes reports on their work.  In September 2010 they released their Monitoring Report Year Two.

The report covers improving health through everyday travel, a 12-week walking plan increases activity, getting more children cycling to school, pledging to walk increases workers’ activity, improved routes increase walking, pupils encourage each other to walk more, and encouraging everyday cycling for health.

Travel Actively is a portfolio of 50 projects from the Active Travel Consortium that addresses health and wellbeing through regular walking and cycling across England.

The consortium is a partnership of the leading walking, cycling and health organisations, each dedicated to promoting active travel.

Building on the proven experience within the consortium of generating lasting behaviour change, projects focus on regular journeys in local areas – such as to work, school or the shops – and address people’s motivation for walking and cycling. These projects will generate a body of evidence to show how regular active travel can have a positive impact on health and well-being.

This £30 million programme, of which more than £19.9m has come from the Big Lottery Fund’s Well-being Fund, focuses upon sedentary and traditionally hard-to-reach audiences who have the greatest potential for change and the biggest health gains.

For environmental reasons limited copies have been printed. If you would a printed copy, contact the communications officer Cat Chappell on 0117 9150231 or cat.chappell(at)

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