Professor Walton to give a presentation on Antarctica, Global Change and World Sea Level

September 21st, 2010 by Events

Professor David W.H. Walton, Emiterus Fellow of the British Antarctic Survey, will give a presentation on 23 September 2010 in the Harry Bound Room at Les Cotils, St Peter Port.  The event, organised by La Société Guernesiaise, and sponsored by HSBC, will begin with the drinks from 7.15 pm.  The presentation will begin at 8 pm.

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Global change is a feature of the history of life on Earth, with massive changes in the atmosphere, the global climate, and the position of the continents over the past 500 million years.  It is only in the last 200 years however that a single species has been able to directly affect both the rate and direction of change.  The recognition of this has become steadily clearer in the last 25 years.  From the destruction of the ozone layer to the melting of the ice sheet, the importance of Antarctica and of the Southern Ocean has grown as scientists have recognised them as major driving forces behind many of the most potentially damaging changes.

The talk will introduce the Antarctic and its surrounding ocean as a key area of science of global importance, describe the current research programme of the British Antarctic Survey (Polar Science for Planet Earth) and outline current thinking on the future of the Antarctic ice sheet and its contribution to global sea level.  In light of the current controversies over the importance of global change the talk will touch on some of the policy implications for both the public and governments.

The A4 flyer of the presentation may be downloaded for printing.

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