Minutes of the Jersey Climate Action Network meeting on 31 August 2010

September 1st, 2010 by Jeremy Harris

Jersey Climate Action Network held their monthly meeting on 31 August 2010 at the Frances Le Sueur Centre, Les Mielles, St. Ouen, Jersey.

Present: 16 people were present, including Maria Barnicoat, Francis Binney, Mark Forskitt, Jeremy Harris, Hazel Jones, Nigel Jones, Roger Jones, Caroline Leach, Jo McAllister, Nick Palmer, Ruth Rolls, Joy Thompson, and Bob Vincent.

Time for Tap campaign: The group discussed ways in which it could support the ‘Time for Tap’ campaign, and agreed it should issue a briefing paper/ press release for distribution to the local media. Mark would draw together some background information, and would welcome support from others in putting together a document for general release.

Francis advised that he would be attending a meeting of the Sustainable Business Forum on 2nd September, and this would provide an opportunity to discuss the campaign with business leaders.

It was suggested there were various ways in which J-CAN could help to make mains water more readily available, including pressing for the reintroduction of water fountains in public places, and publicising outlets that would be willing to offer free refills for water bottles.

10:10 Campaign: Sunday 10th October had been declared as a national day of action as part of the 10:10 campaign to cut carbon emissions by 10% a year. It was agreed J-CAN should support the campaign in the following ways –

– Mark and Nick will draw attention to the campaign when attending the Island Plan consultation in September, and will propose that the Planning and Environment Minister should sign up to the campaign;

– J-CAN will draw attention to the wasteful energy use often associated with I.T., and will propose a number of simple ways of reducing energy consumption.

J-CAN would also support further moves by the Jersey Womens’ Institute to focus attention on plastic bags, and in this connection it was suggested that shops could be encouraged to introduce a charge of, say, ten pence to discourage their use. Joy advised that she would raise this with the Womens’ Institutes and would keep J-CAN informed of progress.

Transport: As agreed at the last meeting Roger had written on behalf of J-CAN to the Jersey Evening Post to express support for the draft ‘Sustainable Transport Policy’, which had recently been lodged ‘au Greffe’ by the Transport and Technical Services Minister. Roger’s letter had been published on 10th August, and the transport policy was scheduled for debate by the States on 16th November.

Film Evening: In the absence of Stephen Le Quesne, it was agreed that recommendations for films should be sent to Nigel.

In addition to a film evening, it was suggested that J-CAN could invite a speaker to the Island to give a talk in late winter/early spring – any suggestions for topics/speakers to be sent to Francis.

Maria reported that she was interested in organising a ‘Be the Change’ workshop on or about 17th October – further details available from Maria.

Rural Economy Strategy: Nick summarised the main points of a draft response to the white paper on the ‘Rural Economy Strategy’, and these were supported by the group. It was noted that Nick would submit a final version in time for the deadline of 3rd September.

Copenhagen Petition: The group received an update on the report and proposition of Deputy Daniel Wimberley on ‘Climate Change: Copenhagen Conference – Petition’ (P.206/2009), which had been adopted by the States on 2nd February 2010. As a result of this proposition the Council of Ministers had agreed to ‘report back to the States within six months on how they intend to respond (to the results of the Copenhagen Conference), their report to include detailed proposals and timescales’. Over six months had elapsed since the proposition was adopted by the States, and the report of the Council of Ministers had yet to be published. Mark had therefore written to the Chief Minister to ask when the report would be published, and a response was awaited.

On a related matter, it was noted there had been delays in progressing the draft Energy White Paper which, in the words of the Chief Minister in response to a question from Deputy Wimberley in the States on 6th July, would ‘provide a vehicle for setting carbon reduction targets and providing a policy framework and timescales within which to deliver the reductions’. The Chief Minister had advised the Assembly that it was expected the White Paper would be issued for consultation in the third quarter of 2010.

Cancun Conference: Hazel advised that the next stage in the international round of talks on climate change would take place in Cancun, Mexico, in early November. The conference would be marked in the UK by a series of events on 5th/6th November under the banner of ‘Big Climate Connection’, and this was something J-CAN might wish to highlight locally.

Fairtrade presentation: Francis reported that Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, would be giving a presentation on fair-trade at the Town Hall on the evening of 21st September – further information will be circulated.

Date of next meeting: The next meeting will take place at 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday 28th September at the Frances Le Sueur Centre, Les Mielles, St Ouen.

From October onwards meetings will take place at the One World Centre, Seale Street, St. Helier (Hazel to check availability).

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