Guernsey Conservation Volunteers clear Portinfer beach during Beachwatch

September 25th, 2010 by Guernsey Conservation Volunteers

On 19 September 2010 during Beachwatch weekend the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers cleared litter from Portinfer beach on Guernsey’s north-west coast.

One volunteered found deflated party balloons with a straggle of ribbon attached.  If released, lighter-than-air helium balloons can travel great distances.  Balloons that settle on the sea may be ingested by marine turtles and cetaceans, which can lead to the death of the animal.  Balloons also cause problems for sea birds due to entanglement in the attached ribbon and string.

Pieces of a deflated party balloon and attached ribbon was collected by a Guernsey Conservation Volunteer from Portinfer Beach (click image to expand)

Besides the balloons’ negative impact on marine life, the helium that is used to fill the balloon is a finite resource.  Once it is released into the atmosphere it escapes to outer-space.  Helium is used in some medical equipment.   Its finite nature means it probably shouldn’t be used to fill party balloons.

Guernsey Conservation Volunteers with their haul of litter from Portinfer Beach on Guernsey's west coast during Beachwatch weekend

Guernsey Conservation Volunteers collect and record litter from Portinfer beach during Beachwatch Weekend

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